Stuart Gordon

Hello, I'm Stuart. My ambition is to elevate, connect, and empower people through inclusive and long-lasting design solutions.

I don't have all the answers...

but I do have a process.

I may not be coming up with a cure for humanity's diseases, but I help people experience smoother interactions with technology.

By using the Design Thinking process, I learn about them, what they want out of a product, and design/test/iterate until barriers are removed and people can accomplish what they need to.

A few years ago I took up Taekwondo. When martial artists work out, the goal is to get a little better each time. I started as a "no belt" and gradually passed the belt levels, one at a time, to earn a black belt. This same philosophy applies to my work. I always strive to be a better designer by constantly challenging myself. And with each project I learn something new.

To stay current, I'm constantly reading industry blogs, taking classes, networking, and looking to the latest trends for inspiration and guidance.

I also teach the UX process at the university level. I'm blessed to share my passion for UX and inspire people to learn.

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Health care companies my work has helped: